Introducing Hamda al Fahim

January 27, 2015
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Glamorous wedding gowns fit for a princess.

I fell in love with Hamda Al-Fahim designs the instant I saw them. I instantly set out to find out more about these amazing gowns so I could share the gorgeous-ness!

UAE-based designer Hamda Al-Fahim grew up in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, where she graduated from the college and embarked on a career as an interior designer. But her heart wasn’t in it, and over the years, she slowly evolved into a fashion designer specialising in glamorous evening wear.

In the words of Hamda herself, “Fashion design has been a passion and a hobby – a dream of mine, for a long as I can remember. It officially started in 2010 after I entered a fashion design competition which I won. I then started to slowly establish a fashion line for myself and started making my dream a reality.”

“My designs come from the heart ..this is something that I am extremely passionate about, so making the most beautiful designs is really something that I put all of myself into . Im very conscious of the female body and love to compliments a women’s figure. My designs come from a fantasy world where everything glitters and sparkles. When I was a child I watched Disney movies and I’d see Cinderella in the most beautiful sparkling dress and I’d dream of making a dress just like that.”


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